Heat Treatment Of Steel In Manchester

The heat treatment of steel involves heating and cooling a component piece of the metal in controlled conditions in order to alter its physical and mechanical properties without actually changing its physical shape.

Steel is well-suited for heat treatment as it is used in commercial applications more than any other metal and steel responds well to heat treatment. Heat treatment processes are performed for a variety of reasons, often to increase and improve the strength of a component piece of metal, but sometimes it can be to increase toughness or restore ductility.

Whether you need a component piece of steel made softer, harder or modified in any way then you need look no further than Huyton Heat Treatments. Operating across the West Midlands and in cities including Manchester, we can meet all your heat treatment needs.

Our heat treatment processes are geared towards those in the general and precision engineering industries, specialising in the heat treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Do you need specialist help with heat treatment processes? We’re the company to choose.