Nitride Heat Treatment In Birmingham

Nitriding is a heat treatment which introduces nitrogen into the surface of a piece of steel. Nitriding creates a thin and hard surface. The process is carried out for a variety of different reasons, which include increasing the high surface hardness and wear resistance, and improving the corrosion resistance. Nitriding can also improve fatigue life. Nitride steels are usually medium-carbon alloy steels.

Do you need a company who can meet all your nitriding steel specifications? Look to Huyton Heat Treatments. We carry out all nitride heat treatments in our gas nitriding atmosphere furnaces. Here at Huyton Heat Treatments we have developed our own accelerated nitriding process which shortens the process time overall. This benefits you in that we can carry out the work more quickly but just as thoroughly as another heat treatment company.

Nitriding isn’t all we do. The team at Huyton Heat Treatments offer a range of heat treatment services for ferrous and non-ferrous materials. We understand the unique value of your manufactured components, and you can rely on us to produce a component that meets all your needs.