Nitriding Hardness North

Nitriding plays an important role in industrial applications. These products will then be used in a variety of industries, including the manufacturing industry. Do you need to find a company which can provide you with innovative metal heat treatment solutions? Do you need skilled specialists to provide the right components for a complex project? You need look no further than Huyton Heat Treatments.

As skilled and experienced heat treatment specialists, we are well-equipped to solve all your heat treatment needs. No matter the nature of your project or what challenges it brings, we will be able to find the right solution for you.

If you require a component to undergo the nitriding hardness process then we can help. Nitriding is a process which introduces nitrogen into the surface of a metal to give it a case-hardened surface. Nitriding is a form of case hardening.

Our aim is always to ensure that you get the products you ask for within the agreed timescale, at an affordable price. Quality is key when it comes to heat treatment, and we will always guarantee you value for money. Our experience allows us to take on a full range of work while providing a bespoke service for each customer.