Nitriding Steel Birmingham

The nitriding of steel involves introducing nitrogen into the surface of the component. Nirtided surfaces maintain their strength and hardness. This is important for a wide variety of applications. So what materials are suitable for nitriding? Tool steels and certain alloy steels are used.

Nitriding steel produces a high surface hardness, but it does so with minimal distortion to the component. This is important. Through nitriding you can also pick and choose which areas of the component you want hardening. You can harden the entire component, or you can harden select parts of the component. The process therefore allows for flexibility.

Do you need nitriding steel services? Huyton Heat Treatments offers heat treatment services across Birmingham and further afield. We can deliver on your brief, whatever your specific heat treatment needs.

We carry out all nitride heat treatments in our gas nitriding atmosphere furnaces which are on-site. The company has developed its own accelerated nitriding process which cuts the process time, allowing us to deliver what you need more quickly.

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