Nitriding Steel Huyton

Nitride hardening is a means of hardening the surface of steel components. There are other processes which create the same effect but nitride hardening has the advantage because it is a low temperature heat treatment and does not need a quench cycle to harden. Nitride hardening uses a slow, controlled heating and cooling rate with the reduced possibility of component distortion.

At Huyton Heat Treatments we provide high quality heat treatment services to clients for use in multiple applications and across both the general and precision engineering industries. When it comes to nitriding steel, our metallurgists have developed our own process of nitriding steel in our gas nitriding atmosphere furnaces. This nitriding process is a quicker process, which has the advantage of shortening the process time by as much as 30%. This faster process does not damage the components but merely shortens the furnace cycle time. As a result, the finished component product is commensurate in quality with the quality of the final product when using the traditional nitriding steel process.

Huyton Heat Treatments can answer any technical concerns you may have, from choosing the design to the choosing of materials and appropriate treatments.

For all your nitriding steel needs, look to Huyton Heat Treatments.