Surface Hardening in the West Midlands

Surface hardening is a process which works to enhance the strength and wear resistance of parts while maintaining the softness of the interior of a part. Though the interior part remains soft it also remains tough, unaffected by the fact that the surface has altered in terms of its properties.

Are you looking for a company that offers tool steel and surface hardening services? If you need quality heat treatment services from a competitively priced supplier in the West Midlands, why not enlist the professional help of Huyton Heat Treatments? Just some of our services include tool steel and through hardening, case hardening, and solution and precipitation hardening.

Huyton Heat Treatments provides quality surface hardening services to clients for use in multiple applications. Whatever your application needs, we can condition the component to suit those needs. All components that require hardening are treated with the utmost care and receive the highest quality treatment. The specialist team at Huyton Heat Treatments use the highest quality heat treatments when we carry out hardening.