Tempering West Midlands

Do you need a company who can provide tempering services? Have you a metal component that needs tempering?

Tempering is a heat treatment process which is designed to improve hardness, strength and toughness as well as make the metal less brittle. Tempering removes brittleness but makes the component piece of metal softer. The higher the temperature during the tempering process, the softer and less brittle the metal will be.

Tempering allows you to balance strength and toughness in a component piece of steel. Tempering takes place after hardening, as hardening often makes a steel to hard and too brittle for most applications and practical uses.

If you need a tempering service then the team at Huyton Heat Treatments can assist you. We provide quality heat treatment processes and will tailor our expertise to ensure you get the right results. Our heat treatment processes cater to clients in the general and precision engineering industries, and each job we carry out is done so with efficiency and professionalism.