Where Can I Find Nitriding Hardness In Birmingham

Nitride hardening imparts a high surface hardness to steel components. There are a few benefits to using the nitriding process, and this includes low temperature required to carry out the process. Through nitriding you can also pick and choose which areas of the component you want hardening. You can harden the entire component, or you can harden select parts of the component. The process allows for flexibility.

Through nitriding a component piece of steel you won’t have to worry about the possibility of distortion, as this does not occur when this process is used. With nitriding, hardening can be achieved without the need for quenching.

Are you looking for a heat treatment company to create the components you require? Look to Huyton Heat Treatments. We carry out all nitride heat treatments in our gas nitriding atmosphere furnaces which are on-site. The company has developed its own accelerated nitriding process which shortens the process time. This allows us to complete the work more quickly than other heat treatment companies and yet the results are just as good.